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This is the Wiki of Project Zomboid The Last of Us Mod!


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Items with respawns Edit

Energy Bar - Kitchens

Rations (big/medium/small) - Rarely Everywhere (more common in Gun Shop)

Switchblade - Very Rare - Locker/Zombies

Scissors Pipe - Rare - Locker/Zombies/Garages/Crates

Weapon Pipe - Same as Scissors Pipe butss rare

Child Survivor Backpack - Rare - Hunting Areas, Lockers, Wardrobes, Zombies

Veteran Survivor Backpack - Rare Same as Child one

Bow - Uncommon Everywhere and Common hunting areas/guop

Arrows - Like bow but less rare

Gear - Common - Zombies and Crates

Gear Box - Rae -Crates

Gas Mask - Rare -Armory, Police Station, and Zombies

Broken Gas Mask - Same as working one but less rare

Clicker Rests - Zombies (Useless is more common, survival is rare ) - (There are Useless Clickers,Chef,Teacher,Survivor,Policeman)

Tools (LVL 1/2/3)- More Level = More Rare - Garage, Crates, Gun Shop(Here you can find lvl3 ones more easily)

Winter Jacket,Pants,Shoes - Uncommon/Rare - Wardrobe, Lockers, Zombies.


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